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Working Groups


The Membership working group handles all enquiries and applications to join SocPC by verifying that our criteria are met and the applicant supports our mission statement. It is responsible for onboarding of new members, ensuring their URL and logo are added to the website, adding their financial and published output data to our records, and adding their selected representative to Basecamp. We also offer the opportunity of a 1:1 meeting to introduce, explain how SocPC works and answer any questions.


The partner-published working group is open to members who are not fully self-publishing and who work with a range of partners and suppliers to support their publishing activities. The group provides space for members to share experiences, challenges and best practice in managing their relationship with their publisher.


The self-published working group brings together societies who publish their own journals to help extend their networks, their knowledge of transformative agreements and other transitional opportunities as well as to discuss related issues of common concern or interest.


The Communications WG is responsible for maintenance of the website, running our twitter feed, producing any infographics or powerpoint designs and publishing our blog posts.


This project aims to develop a list of standardised ‘vital statistics’ that could be applied to any journal. Ideally the list should be short, making it easy to see all of the information at a glance and then to compare what different journals offer. And yet there needs to be some flexibility to cater for different publishers' needs. It's also important that we can clearly explain what is being measured and how the metrics have been calculated. Vital statistics aim to present real and useful measures, especially those that an author might expect to see when choosing a journal.


The Books/monographs working group is open to members who publish books and monographs with the aim of sharing knowledge and discussing the specific challenges involved in effecting the transition to open access with a books programme, as distinct from journals.

Working Groups

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Unlimited Open Access

Some of our members offer Read and Publish deals and have worked together to align these transformative offerings to the following common principles:

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